jsDelivr 用户政策更新,将禁止用于图床存储



jsDelivr 是一个免费开源的 CDN 解决方案,用于帮助开发者和站长。包含 JavaScript 库、jQuery 插件、CSS 框架、字体等等 Web 上常用的静态资源。


Acceptable Use Policy

Effective date: February 17, 2021

Prospect One (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the cdn.jsdelivr.net website (the “Service” or “jsDelivr”).

By using jsDelivr, you agree to follow this Acceptable Use Policy (the “Policy”). If you are found to be in violation of the Policy at any time, as determined by Prospect One in its sole discretion, we may warn you, prevent you from using our Service, or take any other action we deem appropriate. Please note that we may change our Acceptable Use Policy at any time, and it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with and adhere to the Policy posted here.

1. Permitted Use

jsDelivr works as a CDN for content already stored on npm, GitHub, and other third-party services. These services are not operated by us, and each of them has its own terms of use. Any content accessed via jsDelivr must conform to the terms of the service from which it was retrieved. For example, when you use jsDelivr as a CDN for GitHub, the content must conform to all GitHub’s policies. Additionally, any content accessed via jsDelivr must conform to our own policies as described in this document.

As long as you do not violate our rules:

  • using jsDelivr is free for both personal and commercial use,
  • there are no limits on bandwidth or number of requests,
  • we will provide a reasonable level of support via GitHub issues and email for urgent and private matters.

2. Hard Limits and Restrictions

To maintain the performance and security of our Service, we have various limits and restrictions in place. These may include but are not limited to:

  • maximum size of a single file,
  • maximum number of files in a single package,
  • maximum size of a single package,
  • blocking of certain file extensions.

When requesting a resource that does not meet these limits, you will get an error response indicating the reason. The limits are set considerably higher than needed for most projects and may be further increased or removed for legitimate projects on request.

3. Soft Limits and Recommendations

These limits are not automatically enforced by our Service, but you agree not to exceed them:

  1. For projects using our GitHub proxy:
    • We recommend that the number of actively accessed files per repository does not exceed 10 000. If you have considerably more files, a custom proxy endpoint for your project may be a better fit.
    • The soft limit for the number of files per repository is 100 000.

4. Prohibited Use

The following behavior is prohibited:

  1. Hosting or accessing content that:
    • contains malware or harmful code in any form,
    • violates proprietary rights of others,
    • is sexually explicit,
    • is potentially illegal in the EU or the USA.
  2. Abusing the service and its resources, or using jsDelivr as a general-purpose file or media hosting service. This includes, for example:
    • running an image hosting website and using jsDelivr as a storage for all uploaded images,
    • hosting videos, file backups, or other files in large quantities.
    We recognize that there are legitimate projects that consist of a large number of files, and these are not considered abuse. For example: icons packs, apps, or games with a large number of assets.
  3. Trying to bypass our limits or restrictions in any way. We will be happy to remove limits or provide custom solutions for legitimate projects.

5. Additional Restrictions in China

jsDelivr holds an ICP license issued by the Chinese government, which allows us to operate infrastructure directly in Mainland China. To keep this license and allow our Chinese users to benefit from the performance improvements it provides, any content served via our Chinese network must conform to Chinese policies. Content potentially violating Chinese policies may be blocked in China without warning.

6. Limitation of Liability

In no event will the Prospect One and/or jsDelivr entities be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of or relating to your access to or use of, or your inability to access or use, the websites and online services or any materials or content on the websites and online services, whether based on warranty, contract, tort (including negligence), statute, or any other legal theory, whether or not the Prospect One and/or jsDelivr entities have been informed of the possibility of such damage.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Acceptable Use Policy, please contact us:

By email: [email protected]


生效日期:2021 年 2 月 17 日

Prospect One(“我们”、“我们”或“我们的”)运营 cdn.jsdelivr.net 网站(“服务”或“jsDelivr”)。

使用 jsDelivr,即表示您同意遵守此可接受使用政策(“政策”)。如果您在任何时候被发现违反了本政策,由 Prospect One 自行决定,我们可能会警告您,阻止您使用我们的服务,或采取我们认为适当的任何其他行动。请注意,我们可能随时更改我们的可接受使用政策,您有责任及时了解并遵守此处发布的政策。

1. 允许使用

jsDelivr 可用作已存储在 npm、GitHub 和其他第三方服务上的内容的 CDN。这些服务并非由我们运营,每项服务都有自己的使用条款。通过 jsDelivr 访问的任何内容都必须符合从中检索它的服务条款。例如,当您使用 jsDelivr 作为 GitHub 的 CDN 时,内容必须符合 GitHub 的所有策略。此外,通过 jsDelivr 访问的任何内容都必须符合本文档中描述的我们自己的政策。


  • 使用 jsDelivr 可免费用于个人和商业用途
  • 对带宽或请求数量没有限制
  • 我们将通过 GitHub 问题和电子邮件为紧急和私人事务提供合理水平的支持

2. 硬限制


  • 单个文件的最大大小
  • 单个包中的最大文件数
  • 单个包的最大尺寸
  • 某些文件扩展名


3. 软限制和建议


  1. 对于使用我们的 GitHub 代理的项目:
    • 我们建议每个存储库的主动访问文件数不超过 10 000。如果您有更多的文件,为您的项目定制代理端点可能更合适。
    • 每个存储库的文件数的软限制为 100 000。

4. 禁用


  1. 托管或访问以下内容:
    • 包含任何形式的恶意软件或有害代码
    • 侵权
    • 色情
    • 违背欧盟或美国的法律
  2. 滥用服务及其资源,或使用 jsDelivr 作为通用文件或媒体托管服务。这包括,例如:
    • 运行图像托管网站并使用 jsDelivr 作为所有上传图像的存储,
    • 大量托管视频、文件备份或其他文件。(我们认识到也存在由大量文件组成的合法项目,这些不被视为滥用。例如:图标包、应用程序或具有大量媒体文件的游戏。)
  3. 试图以任何方式绕过我们的限制。我们很乐意为合法项目取消限制或提供定制解决方案。

5. 中国的额外限制

jsDelivr 持有中国政府颁发的 ICP 许可证,允许我们直接在中国大陆运营基础设施。为了保留此许可并让我们的中国用户从其提供的性能改进中受益,通过我们的中国网络提供的任何内容都必须符合中国政策。可能违反中国政策的内容可能会在没有警告的情况下在中国被屏蔽。

6. 责任限制

在任何情况下,Prospect One 和/或 jsDelivr 实体均不对您或任何第三方因您访问或使用您的无法访问或使用网站和在线服务或网站和在线服务上的任何材料或内容,无论是基于保证、合同、侵权(包括疏忽)、法规或任何其他法律理论,无论 Prospect One和/或 jsDelivr 实体已被告知此类损坏的可能性。

7. 联系我们


电子邮件:[email protected]

jsDelivr 用户政策更新,将禁止用于图床存储 的发布基于协议 AHdark Blog License。如欲对此文章内容此文章转载、修改或行使任何超出预览和分享性质的行为,请参考此协议。


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    很遗憾,在网友们的滥用下,国内节点没了(2021.12.20),目前国内的请求都会路由到其他 CDN(Fastly 日本)

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    真的需要图床的话可以考虑一下AlphaPic :mrgreen:

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